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Air Centrepieces

Balloon Hoop

Metallic number balloons inside a balloon hoop.
Any number & colour option available.

Giant Flower 

Giant Flower with Number Pick

This centrepiece includes a glitter number pick (all ages available).

Caterpillar Centrepiece
A very hungry caterpillar centrepiece, super cute & perfect for a kids party!

Dove and Cross

Dove and Cross print also available in white with silver.

50th Birthday

All ages available.

For your Baptism

For your Baptism print also available in pink.

Dove and Cross with stars

Happy Birthday Centrepiece 

Available in a variety of colours and prints.

Happy Birthday Plus 
A sparkling number to celebrate that special day.

Age Celebration
The sparkle pick is also available in stars, hearts and butterflies.

Pinwheel Centrepiece
Two cute pinwheels top this fun centrepiece, pinwheels also available in soft pink.


Topiary centrepiece with mini box base.

Tissue based Topiary

Centrepiece available in a multitude of colours and prints.

Birthday Topiary 

Bright Birthday Centrepiece

A very fun & colourful birthday centrepiece, various ages available.

Celebration Latex
A party hat base and 260q add fun to this arrangement.

Celebration Latex with No. Pick

Added number pick celebrates that special day.

Confetti Hearts

Confetti available in any colour.

Damask & Feathers

A sparkly centrepiece with a damask print balloon and feather details.

Polka dot Topiary

A fun centrepiece in a keepsake tin pail.

Pretty Party Hat

Celebrate a special birthday with something pretty.

Disco Party Hat

A sparkly centrepiece, all ages available.

Hot Air Balloon 

A hot air balloon centrepiece, complete with a balloon net and basket base.

1st Birthday 

Mini balloons inside a clear print latex with number pick at base (all ages available).

Polka dots

Mini balloons inside a clear polka dot print latex balloon in a keepsake tin pail base.


Small flower centrepiece, different colours available.

Mini Butterfly

Small foil butterfly on a bright garden base.

First Communion

Balloons for different occasions available, this print is also available white with blue.

Golden Anniversary 

Tissue based collar centrepiece.

Happy 60th Birthday

All ages available.

Happy Engagement

Silver and black centrepiece to celebrate your engagement.