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Helium Pieces

Balloon Bubbles


Helium Staggered Centrepiece

Helium Centrepiece


($24.50 with hifloat*)
*When you need helium to last longer then a day- great for gifts.

Weighted Helium with Mini Balloons


($26.50 with hi float)


Number Centrepiece

Mid-size metallic number balloons with bright helium underneath.



Blue Number Centrepiece

A metallic blue supershape 5 above latex helium balloons.
A variety of colours available.

Love Unicorn

Big unicorn foil balloon with a tassel, sitting pretty with a love heart balloon.
Different colour options available for both the unicorn & love heart.


Birthday Balloons

A bunch of foil, bubble & latex balloons perfect for someone's birthday!

Available in different ages & colour schemes.


Pretty Purple Bunch
A bunch of lavender, purple, chrome gold & confetti balloons.
(Other colour options available).

Gold Confetti Balloons

$4.50 per balloon
A bunch of metallic gold confetti filled helium balloons.
Different confetti colours available.

Giant Confetti Balloon
90cm confetti filled helium balloon with tassels
Different colour options available.

Giant Confetti Balloon with detail
90cm confetti filled helium balloon with tassels & cute extras.
Different colour confetti & details available.

Butterfly Helium Centrepiece
Mini balloons inside a floral pattern bubble balloon with butterfly strings.

Bubble Balloon with Flowers
Bubble balloon with a collar and "flowers" on a mini box weight.

Frozen Helium Centrepiece

Olaf supershape balloon also available.

Disney Planes Centrepiece
Supershape Planes balloon on a "cloud" base.

Fancy Damask Centrepiece

Fancy 1st Birthday Centrepiece
Supershape balloon available in all ages and various colours.

3rd Birthday with Tassels
Supershape balloon available in all ages and also a pink with white hearts design. Tassels available in a range of colours.

Supershape Numbers with Latex

$90 (for pair)

Tropical Centrepiece

Snowflake Centrepiece

A snowflake centrepiece perfect for a Frozen or Winter Wonderland themed party!

Supershape Tip Truck with Eight Latex

Other supershape balloons available.

Bright Birthday Centrepiece



Birthday Orbz Balloon

Purple Star Centrepiece
Other colours available.

Mini Confetti Balloon Centrepiece
28cm balloons with bright coloured confetti.

Giant Helium Centrepiece

Three 90cm balloons on a box base (a variety of colours available).

Hot Air Balloon Helium Centrepiece

Floral Bubble Centrepiece
A pretty centrepiece with a floral bubble balloon, mini polka dot balloons and a little "teapot" in the base.

Toy Story

The Little Mermaid

50 Star Centrepiece


A variety of ages and colours available.

Big Birthday Centrepiece

A variety of ages and colours available.

Happy Birthday Plus Foil

A helium foil adds height and added detail to a latex balloon base.

Giant Birthday Swirl Centrepiece

A 90cm helium balloon with a 21 print on top of a swirl balloon base. A variety of ages and colours available.